JamRacks bamboo studio furniture

High Quality Solid Wood Music Studio Furniture

Mixing & Mastering Desks, Studio Racks
100% Bamboo * Made in the USA

Are you looking for beautiful high quality recording studio furniture?
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We manufacture 100% solid bamboo music studio furniture with a variety of designs including solid wood 19″ pro audio racks, mixing and mastering desks, and complete music production workstations. Whether you are a producer, engineer, or an artist recording at home, you’ll find the perfect solution for your recording, mixing, and mastering needs.

High Quality Solid bamboo studio Furniture

All JamRacks bamboo studio furniture comes flat packed in heavy duty boxes and is ​High Quality Solid bamboo studio Furniture for home and commercial studios. Once assembled these racks and even the large desks are so strong they can be carried across the room fully loaded and they will not break apart. So you don’t have to worry when you need to move your desk out to get to the wires in the back. Or when it becomes time to move to another apartment. All JamRacks studio furniture can be taken apart and put back together over and over and over again and It will still be as strong as the day you bought It. All of the corners and edges are rounded over and soft to the touch. The beautiful clear satin finish highlights the detail of the edge which is one of the several features that make this natural material so unique. JamRacks is proud to manufacture our furniture in the USA offering well crafted earth friendly designs made from the strongest eco friendly tree in the world. 

VCar™ Sidecar

JamRacks® Vcar™ Sidecar has two-6 Space racks angled in a V shape with two sliding trays that can hold a music keyboard, small mixers, computer keyboard and mouse. Slide out tray will hold 90 lbs and brings a music keyboard into your lap. Unit will hold 275 lbs of gear. Dual monitor arms can be mounted on the back (not Included) to create a stand alone unit. Perfect for the small home studio or add one to the right, left or both sides of your large mixing console. The Vcar™ allows you to move your video monitors to the side and adds the perfect reach for outboard gear, music keyboard. Etc. Dimensions – W-46-1/2″ x H-31″-5/8″ x D-26″


JamRacks music studio furniture is 100% Moso Bamboo which is two times harder than oak, and will stand the test of time as it has for thousands of years.​