About Us

JamRacks 100% bamboo music studio furniture is derived from over 25 years of building and recording in high end music studios and working with top professionals in the industry. Being a musician as well as a woodworker carries over into the creative process, resulting in a uniquely versatile workspace. We are passionate about creating beautiful, functional, high quality furniture that is healthy for us and our environment.  

The benefits of bamboo


Bamboo grows fast, really fast.  So what does this mean for the environment?  It means that the same bamboo plant can be re-harvested at an accelerated rate of 3-5 years.  Compare this to a standard hardwood tree, which takes decades to grow and then is completely chopped down once harvested. A new tree must then be planted in its place, creating a process that causes devastating soil erosion and is simply unsustainable for our planet’s future.  Bamboo’s unique web-like root system repairs the soil erosion, and when harvested, the plant is left to start its rapid growth cycle all over again.


Bamboo’s strength seems somewhat of a myth.  How can bamboo be stronger than mild steel?  The secret is in its molecular structure, which forms a lignin matrix, a complex structure for the cellulose molecules that make up the bamboo plant.  This strength is why bamboo is used for concrete reinforcement (in replacement of re-bar), scaffolding, and even as framing material for large multi-story buildings. Bamboo’s strength comes with yet another staggering benefit. The strength to weight ratio of bamboo is higher than graphite.


Not only is bamboo the most environmentally friendly lumber product in the world, but it looks incredibly beautiful as well. Your JamRacks music studio furniture will always maintain its value as a real piece of fine furniture for years to come.

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